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List of Stations for "North America" sorted ascending by City
(City = City in that the station is located (assigned by the user))
StationCityCommentCountryStatusLast signalTotalValidInvolvedUsedClosestFarthest
1863Running2018-11-18 03:36148781162412822955 km4458 km
1916-Running2018-11-18 03:36550322437925731570 km4206 km
2015Running2018-11-18 03:361765117607803459 km3774 km
1831Aeródromo de Rozas (Lugo)Gilitadas. Meteo Aerolugo. Blu...SpainRunning2018-11-18 03:362262171458119659 km4148 km
1831Aeródromo de Rozas (Lugo)Gilitadas. Meteo Aerolugo. Blu...SpainRunning2018-11-15 22:5800000 km0 km
1831Aeródromo de Rozas (Lugo)Gilitadas. Meteo Aerolugo. Blu...SpainRunning2018-11-18 03:3622621714222583 km5836 km
1693AlbanyBlue: 3H-Orthogonal, E-WireUnited States / New YorkRunning2018-11-18 03:3674673523011805 km4520 km
953Appleton250mm x 7.5mm ferriteUnited States / WisconsinRunning2018-11-18 03:3629527012512698 km4458 km
1542Asheville300x7.5 ferrites, shielded, x,...United States / North CarolinaRunning2018-11-18 03:3644103195 km3195 km
1177Athelstane300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-Field...United States / WisconsinRunning2018-11-18 03:3653074786740322717 km5137 km
1196Athol - 1196300mm 7.5mm shieldedUnited States / IdahoRunning2018-11-18 03:36836283339733269 km4985 km
1703Austin, TXSystem BlueUnited States / TexasRunning2018-11-18 03:36208202081123121839 km3214 km
1884Baie-Comeau QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaRunning2018-11-18 03:36103097920612017 km5374 km
1891Barriere, BCBlue - E-FieldCanadaRunning2018-11-18 03:351814000 km0 km
1324Beamsville, OntarioFerrite rod, length=300mm, dia...CanadaRunning2018-11-18 03:36501443226402086 km4331 km
1888Bear CreekE Chan off , 3 H chan in Xa Yb...United States / North CarolinaRunning2018-11-18 03:3620193151017332351441 km4692 km
1206BendUnited States / OregonRunning2018-11-18 03:36621358021304382 km4799 km
1387BentonRed H-Shielded Ferrites, E-Fie...United States / ArkansasRunning2018-11-18 03:3611031028419852033 km3688 km
2046BinghamtonSystem set up, capturing initi...United States / New YorkRunning2018-11-18 03:343716601801913 km3813 km
1002Bismarck280mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-FieldUnited States / North DakotaRunning2018-11-18 03:362269138123633393 km4850 km
2155Blacksburg (Va. Tech)United States / VirginiaRunning2018-11-18 03:3438303483000 km0 km
2291BlufftonH loops are square, x, y, zUnited States / OhioRunning2018-11-18 03:36778579325572124 km3987 km
1346Bobcaygeon2-1M LoopsCanadaRunning2018-11-13 08:0100000 km0 km
1346Bobcaygeon2-1M LoopsCanadaRunning2018-11-12 23:0500000 km0 km
1346Bobcaygeon2-1M LoopsCanadaRunning2018-11-18 03:36881650258532132167 km5326 km
2269Bonaventure QCBlue 2x 200mm ferrite rodCanadaRunning2018-11-18 03:36590651268322482233 km5455 km
1965BoulderFoothills of the Rocky Mountai...United States / ColoradoRunning2018-11-18 03:3654252816002549 km4593 km
1964Boynton BeachBlue: 2 X 200 mm ferritesUnited States / FloridaRunning2018-11-18 03:3648146214144999 km2679 km
1204Bozeman, Montanacoax loop 224cm dia 4t*2@90United States / MontanaRunning2018-11-18 03:3688758711000 km0 km
1330Butte, MontanaUnited States / MontanaRunning2018-11-18 03:3585914000 km0 km
1046Calgary, AlbertaRed, AS3935 Custom Low Noise, ...CanadaRunning2018-11-18 03:3636792892813023616 km5201 km
1951Callander, ONCallander, ON - BLUECanadaInterference2018-11-17 21:5500000 km0 km
2320Calvert Island, BCBLUE with 200mm ferrite rods &...CanadaRunning2018-11-15 01:3300000 km0 km
2320Calvert Island, BCBLUE with 200mm ferrite rods &...CanadaRunning2018-11-14 21:1500000 km0 km
2320Calvert Island, BCBLUE with 200mm ferrite rods &...CanadaRunning2018-11-18 03:342018000 km0 km
2307CambridgeUnited States / MinnesotaRunning2018-11-18 03:3630429413303037 km4472 km
1590Canton3 x 200mm ferrite plus 140mm e...United States / New YorkRunning2018-11-18 03:3615588104148433412021 km5547 km
1457CarpCanadaRunning2018-11-18 03:361002934425722146 km5028 km
1920Castlemaine, KillarneyTestingIrelandRunning2018-11-18 03:3686096058432111450 km5100 km
1920Castlemaine, KillarneyTestingIrelandRunning2018-11-18 03:3686096058332076 km5703 km
1942Cedar Park, TXJim K5KTF - BlueUnited States / TexasRunning2018-11-18 03:3628728583431853 km3452 km
1975ChicagoUnited States / IllinoisRunning2018-11-18 03:3510671919000 km0 km
1205Clementsport, Nova ScotiaRED: 200mm FerritesCanadaRunning2018-11-18 03:36344931779124271850 km5130 km
1451Clifton (Blue)H-3Δ 250X7.5mm, E-200mmUnited States / VirginiaRunning2018-11-18 03:3638133247863201587 km4300 km
1189Clifton (Red)H-2∟250X7.5mm, E-200mmUnited States / VirginiaRunning2018-11-18 03:36290825738547271587 km4300 km
1168ColchesterRED, 200 mm ferrite rods, shie...United States / VermontRunning2018-11-18 03:3530586289681962085 km3444 km
2005Colchester100cm 10 turn 16 awg loopsUnited States / ConnecticutRunning2018-11-18 03:3620412156996892441642 km5560 km
1170Colorado SpringsDown for antenna relocation 20...United States / ColoradoRunning2018-11-18 03:361631214002984 km4334 km
2284ConiferConiferUnited States / ColoradoRunning2018-11-18 03:3465652103071 km4412 km
1892Cumberland, BCTesting installation, working ...CanadaRunning2018-11-18 03:3646872342204972 km4987 km
1565De Pere250mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-Field...United States / WisconsinRunning2018-11-18 03:3670266723412642 km4467 km
1505Eau ClaireBlue System H&E fieldsUnited States / WisconsinRunning2018-11-18 03:36100461003313512907 km4653 km
976Eau Claire, WI USAEfield 20 cm vertical wire pro...United States / WisconsinRunning2018-11-18 03:3651550220802907 km5148 km
1641EdgewaterUnited States / MarylandRunning2018-11-18 03:362412067571588 km3560 km
1882EdmontonSystem Blue - Tuning and Posit...CanadaRunning2018-11-18 03:3668976766104703 km4703 km
695El Dorado HillsFlat panel (http://www.lrsatx....United States / CaliforniaRunning2018-11-18 03:361254756305822315 km5045 km
1836El PasoCanarias, system blue testSpainRunning2018-11-18 03:369939793435336671 km4302 km
1836El PasoCanarias, system blue testSpainRunning2018-11-18 03:3664015071000 km0 km
2239EvergreenUnited States / ColoradoRunning2018-11-13 01:3000000 km0 km
2239EvergreenUnited States / ColoradoRunning2018-11-18 03:3619382177343513080 km4424 km
1225FlagstaffPower Line Noise:Variable GainUnited States / ArizonaRunning2018-11-18 03:36136513368421858 km4531 km
1992Florissant9 inch 10 guage e-fieldUnited States / MissouriRunning2018-11-18 03:34110962532448 km3670 km
1439Frankfort B H=csst V1▲ H-3 250x7.5mm - E-250x4mmUnited States / KentuckyRunning2018-11-18 03:3620441912805921999 km4298 km
689Frankfort R H=csst V1✚ H-2 300x7.5mm - E-350x2mmUnited States / KentuckyRunning2018-11-18 03:36162215357294401999 km4298 km
791Frankfort R H=csst V2☯ H-2 300x7.5mm - E-150x3mmUnited States / KentuckyRunning2018-11-18 03:36169615917554841999 km4298 km
1782FranklinUnited States / MassachusettsRunning2018-11-18 03:3631968201647425231658 km4707 km
2047GalwayBlue. 2X200 FE in V. E. ⚡️⚡️⚡️...IrelandRunning2018-11-18 03:36100486729021508 km3356 km
2047GalwayBlue. 2X200 FE in V. E. ⚡️⚡️⚡️...IrelandRunning2018-11-18 03:361004867222108 km5763 km
1178Gilchrist CountyGilchrist CountyUnited States / FloridaRunning2018-11-18 03:3622130192243812561388 km4073 km
888GladwyneUnited States / PennsylvaniaRunning2018-11-18 03:363424190093401669 km3654 km
2056Graceville, FLUnited States / FloridaInterference2018-11-18 03:3614091409000 km0 km
1068Grand Junction300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, E-field...United States / ColoradoRunning2018-11-18 03:361122793234922353 km4578 km
2026Great FallsUnited States / MontanaRunning2018-11-18 03:3618267179642704055 km4720 km
982Groton50cm crossed loop, AS3935United States / ConnecticutRunning2018-11-18 03:36502829895553841629 km4490 km
1181HarrisonAntennas still in computer roo...United States / TennesseeRunning2018-11-18 03:36990316906494941832 km3967 km
1653HarvestUnited States / AlabamaRunning2018-11-18 03:361117476764352351954 km3403 km
1809Hermon2x 200x7.5 mm ferrites; 200 mm...United States / MaineRunning2018-11-18 03:36412405192131912 km4365 km
1023Hermosillo1 Mt Loop Antenna, RED SystemMexicoRunning2018-11-18 03:3631922393244242389 km4780 km
2203Hilton Beach ONBlue with 2x200mm ferriteCanadaRunning2018-11-17 13:2000000 km0 km
1237Hinesburg300mm E field onlyUnited States / VermontRunning2018-11-18 03:361206111934753761934 km4935 km
1203Hockessin60cm Möbius loops w/xfmr, 50cm...United States / DelawareRunning2018-11-18 03:3621351184317154111602 km5213 km
1914HortaAzores / BLUE / Ferrite Rod 20...PortugalRunning2018-11-18 03:1655000 km0 km
1914HortaAzores / BLUE / Ferrite Rod 20...PortugalRunning2018-11-18 03:1655000 km0 km
1219HoustonUnited States / TexasInterference2018-11-18 03:363123678736221660 km3496 km
807Houston (Royal Oaks)Station moved 12km 1/22/18United States / TexasRunning2018-11-18 03:3055000 km0 km
1860Houston/TerlinguaFerrite Rods 2x300mm, E-FieldUnited States / TexasRunning2018-11-18 03:36288112361065141618 km3446 km
2176Huntsville (Green Mtn)United States / AlabamaRunning2018-11-18 03:365104993031131924 km3394 km
2100Imperial OaksH:3x300mm Ferrite, E:100mmUnited States / TexasRunning2018-11-18 03:36487468250941691 km3514 km
1175IndependenceSystem Red shielded ferrite an...United States / IowaRunning2018-11-16 20:0000000 km0 km
1215JacksonvilleUnited States / FloridaRunning2018-11-18 03:36349029418175391299 km3635 km
1955Jupiter200mm Ferrite x2, E-field 140m...United States / FloridaRunning2018-11-18 03:36156714495743141045 km2991 km
1176Kalispell, Montana20cm shielded ferrite, 15" E-f...United States / MontanaInterference2018-11-18 03:3634723245483303289 km4881 km
2286KangerlussuaqLoop antenna 4 turn, square 10...GreenlandRunning2018-11-18 03:364804604721894 km4807 km
1990Klamath FallsUnited States / OregonRunning2018-11-18 03:36552944841704058 km4708 km
1076Komoka, OntarioRED 300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, AS3...CanadaInterference2018-11-12 00:4500000 km0 km
1076Komoka, OntarioRED 300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, AS3...CanadaInterference2018-11-11 20:1300000 km0 km
1076Komoka, OntarioRED 300mm x 7.5mm ferrite, AS3...CanadaInterference2018-11-18 03:369165912789232204 km4162 km
1738Las VegasUnited States / NevadaRunning2018-11-12 07:4800000 km0 km
1738Las VegasUnited States / NevadaRunning2018-11-18 03:341171103121975 km4865 km
1337Laval, Quebec :-)Ferrite rod, length=200mm, dia...CanadaRunning2018-11-15 14:3400000 km0 km
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